Ian Filippini’s Review of Simpson House Inn


Simpson House Inn

The Simpson House Inn is located on 121 East Arrellaga Street in Santa Barbara, California. You can reach the Simpson House Inn directly by calling (805)-963-7067 .  Also check them out on their website at http://www.simpsonhouseinn.com/. The house was originally built back in the 1800’s as an impressive Victorian mansion. In addition, the grounds are surrounded by beautiful trees and well manicured lawns.

The Simpson House offers top of the line accommodations to all guests. The site is said to be one of the most distinguished estates in Santa Barbara. Each guest room is elegantly furnished with original wood floors and large windows that provide a breathtaking view of the outdoor garden area.

The Simpson House is well known and has received the Structure of Merit Award. In addition, the Simpson House was recognized with Historical Landmark status. The Simpson House normally has a lengthy waiting list therefore it is best to book reservations 3-6 months in advance.

The Robert and Julia Simpson room is an extraordinary room. This spacious room has a wrap around veranda along with a roomy King bed and full bathroom with walk in shower. The large private deck is perfect for intimate dinners or to simply enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

The Parlor Room is another room that absolutely takes your breath away. The entire room is decorated in classic Victorian style. Victorin style wallpaper graces the walls and a large bay window allows guests to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset.

The Parlor Room has a large King bed and remodeled private bathroom. A gas fireplace is located just feet from the bed which makes this room very romantic. The Parlor Room is the essence of class.

The Margaret Simpson Room is another room which is uniquely furnished with a large Queen bed. In addition, the entire room is decorated in green and gold. This room gives you a real feel of what it was like to be living in the 1800’s.

The Sun Room and the Mary Simpson are also very special rooms for guests. Each room has a special ambiance and uniqueness. It is certainly an experience that one will never forget.

Guests also have the option of stying in one of the beautiful cottages. The Garden Room is one of the most requested rooms within the estate. The room has large French doors which lead to a newly remodeled outdoor patio. The patio is surrounded by beautiful greenary. The room is furnished in old Victorian style and the bathroom decor certainly resembles the era in which it was designed.

Greenwich Cottage is a real showpiece. The room has a brass Queen bed and matching decor. A wood burning fireplace really completes the picture. A very cozy and intimate setting. Greenwich Cottage has its own private patio with outdoor furniture. Staying in Greenwich Cottage would certainly make any stay a unforgettable experience.

Simpson House has a carriage house on the grounds that was fully remodeled. The Hayloft Room is on the upper level of the carriage house which is truely exquisite. The room has remarkable antique furnishings including loveseat and matching chairs. In addition, the wood burning fireplace gives the room a feeling of beauty and warmth.

Hayloft Room has a large bathroom fully tiled with a large shower and brass shower head. All bathroom faucets are made from brass. wall to wall mirrors are also part of the bathroom decor.

The Tack Room is another carriage house room that demonstrates class and luxury. The Tack Room has a King bed, French Doors, large outdoor patio and fully remodeled bathroom. An added bonus to this room is a fully operational wood burning fireplace and fully stocked wet bar.

You may view the Simpson House directly by logging on to http://simpsonhouseinn.com. This direct link will take you directly to Simpson House web site.

Filippini refers to the Simpson House as a place of pure beauty, elegance and enjoyment. That would have to be a very true and accurate description.  Ian Filippini suggests the Simpson House Inn to any visitors who ask him.

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Ian Filippini Loves Tre Lune


Tre Lune

Ian Filippini is no stranger to good food. With his busy life, he’s never scared to try out restaurants. One of his favorite places to dine in Montecito is Tre Lune. Tre Lune is an upscale Italian restaurant located at 1151 Coast Village Road in Montecito. They have a lovely outdoor dining area which looks right out onto Coast Village Road where you can people watch until your heart is content.

Ian loves going to Tre Lune because of the Old World Italian feel that you get right when you walk in the door. They serve true Italian recipes and the ambiance follows suit. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner (with some breaks in between), so you will be sure to find something scrumptious there at any time of day. Check out their hours of operation, as well as their amazing menu at www.trelunesb.com.

Reservations are not required at Tre Lune, but they are recommended. Mr. Filippini usually never has a problem walking in to get a table, but he does call ahead when he has time. Tre Lune never seems to be overly crowded, but definitely always has a good amount of tables taken.

When Ian Filippini dines at Tre Lune, he always enjoys the pasta e fagioli and the farfalle al salmone. He also recommends trying any one of their traditional Italian style pizzas. Ian is on good authority to tell us about Tre Lune, but check out other reviews at https://www.yelp.com/biz/tre-lune-montecito.

Ian Filippini Dishes on the Best Restaurants on the Santa Barbara Coast

The Best Restaurants on the Santa Barbara Coast

Santa Barbara, California is truly one of the most magnificent places in the country to visit and have a great time. Most come here for the amazing sandy beaches that line the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Even if you plan on doing nothing more than to live out your dreams of being a beach bum and spending your days lounging under an umbrella…you still plan on eating, right?

Thankfully, Santa Barbara has some great dining options to choose from. Some won’t even require you to leave the beach to enjoy. Let’s take a look at several of these restaurants for your leisure.

Summerland Beach Cafe
2294 Lillie Ave
Summerland, CA 93067
(805) 969-1019


The Summerland Beach Cafe is a breakfast lover’s paradise. Stationed in a charming clapboard home built in 1893, this establishment is known to draw in guests from all over. Here, you can enjoy your Belgian waffles or French toast out on the outdoor patio. Have you ever had an omelet with brie, spinach, and braised pork? The lunch menu boasts a number of excellent burgers, sandwiches, and salad for your enjoyment.

Beachside Bar-Cafe
5905 Sandspit Rd.
Goleta, CA 93117
(805) 964-7881


If you’re having too much fun by the water and can’t fathom leaving, then what can be better than a bar right on the beach that also happens to sell amazing seafood? Whether you want to grab a quick signature mixed drink to sip while hanging out on the beach or you find yourself craving a bucket of crab legs, this place was built with you in mind.

The Spot
389 Linden Avenue
Carpinteria, CA 93103
(805) 684-6311


No dining experience is complete in the Santa Barbara area if you haven’t visited The Spot. Very close to the beach, this small shack is THE local hang-out spot and has been around for over 90 years! There’s no better place to grab a tasty burger and fries, milkshakes, fish n’ chips, or even a variety of Mexican specialties.

2981 Cliff Dr.
Santa Barbara, CA 93109
(805) 898-2628


At the end of a long day swimming, relaxing, and seeing the sights, there’s no better way to cap off the perfect evening than by stopping by the Boathouse. Located right on the beach, this establishment is perfect for that romantic date with your loved one or even a family outing to enjoy some of the best seafood on the coast. All the food is locally caught and includes Dungeness crab and Spiny lobster, prepared to your liking.

Toma Restaurant and Bar
324 W Cabrillo Blvd.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 962-0777


Of course, there’s plenty of seafood places around when you’re enjoying your time on the beach. Are you craving something different? Then Toma Restaurant and Bar is the place for you! This fine-dining, high-class business is for the refined patron who enjoys amazing Italian delicacies with unique presentations. Known for it’s warm atmosphere and intimate setting, Toma is the perfect spot to take that loved one on a special outing.

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Ian Filippini’s Review of Yoichi Santa Barbara

     Ian Filippini Reviews Yoichi
     A Japanese restaurant named as Yoichi’s serving traditional Kaiseki cuisine, Sushi and Sahimi was inaugaurated at 230 East Victoria St. After the former Spiritland Bistro underwent a remodel in a stylish but minimalistic manner, the owners have served their seven-course, $85 menu from the very beginning, diversifying it every month.
     The hours of the eatery are from 5-10pm Tuesday to Sunday. Although Santa Barbara supports numerous restaurants for a relatively small-sized town and are a leading name as far as farm-to-table menus are concerned, it is very difficult to succeed when the focus is on a specialized niche of ethnic food. The restaurant specializes in Nigiri sushi and sashimi.
      The owner chef Yoichi Kawabata has over two decades of specialized experience in Kaiseki cuisine in both Japan and America. Kawabata opines that the most sophisticated form of Japanese cuisine is Kaiseki, which are traditional multi-course meals made from scratch by highly skilled chefs in innovative ways to increase their actual flavor. Kaiseki cuisine reflects the seasons. The ingredients and flatware undergo careful selection to signify the times of the year. It originated in the 16th century and initiated with Sen no Rikyu, the leading tea ceremony. Kaiseki can be enjoyed with sake and as a part of a formal tea ceremony. Simple cooking, involving conventional techniques bring out the actual flavors of the dishes. The sequence of the dishes are perfectly synchronized that reflects the Japanese tea ceremony. The cuisine is served on ceramic plates exclusive to the restaurant.
    Yoichi is a test for the Santa Barbara dining scene. Are the people mature enough as far as the tastes are concerned and comfortable with the costs to regularly sample this exclusive cuisine? Can the small town support the niche cuisine that’s usually the forte of much bigger cities? The early signs definitely point to the right direction.