Ian Filippini Bluffs

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara Takes A Stroll Along Carpinteria’s Bluffs And Nature Preserve

Ian Filippini Bluffs

Carpinteria Bluffs and Nature Preserve

Carpinteria is a beautiful little town situated just south of Santa Barbara on California’s Central Coast. Carpinteria is home to many fun things to do and to see. Carpinteria Bluffs and Nature Preserve is a great way to get outside and enjoy the beauty and nature of Carpinteria. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara loves visiting the bluffs because it is often times so peaceful and a good place to relax and be one with your thoughts.

Carpinteria Bluffs and Nature Preserve is actually one of California’s most popular destinations, along with Carpinteria beaches. There are beautiful trails to follow, good options for getting a good suntan, tidepools that are swimming with life, as well as a fair amount of good fishing spots. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara has been spotted more than once hiking along the bluffs here in Carpinteria.

Citizens of Carpinteria have fought long and hard over the years, since the late 1960’s, to make sure that the Carpinteria Bluffs and Nature Preserve remain as they are. To learn more about this struggle, go to www.carpinteriabluffs.org. To learn more about Ian Filippini Santa Barbara, go to http://seniortaxplanners.com/ and http://filippiniwealthmanagementgroup.com/.