Ian Filippini Botanic Garden

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara Explores Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Ian Filippini Botanic Garden

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Santa Barbara is known for many things including its beautiful scenery. Many people’s first thought when they think about Santa Barbara’s scenery is the ocean, but there is much more beauty to enjoy. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara loves the diverse plant life that Santa Barbara has to offer. A great place to truly see the extent of Santa Barbara’s plant life is the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden (www.sbbg.org).

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is located at 1212 Mission Canyon Road and is open daily from 9am-5pm. When Ian Filippini Santa Barbara first visited the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, he was surprised to find out that it consisted of 78 acres! There are over 5 miles worth of trails to explore here.

he trees, plants and flowers in the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden are rare and indigenous to the Santa Barbara area. The garden also boast beautiful views of the Channel Islands and has beautiful meadows and forest to meander through as well. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara loves to just wander and explore the natural beauty of the gardens.

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