Ian Filippini Santa Barbara Cools Off At McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream

Ian Filippini McConnell's

McConnell’s Ice Cream

With summer coming up right around the corner, everyone including Ian Filippini Santa Barbara is going to need a way to cool off and get out of the summer sun. McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream is the place to go for just that! McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream is located right in the middle of downtown Santa Barbara. Its location is perfect especially for summer months when you may be out and about shopping or shuttling kids from here to there.

One of the reasons why Ian Filippini Santa Barbara loves McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream is because they use only the finest ingredients. They use organic, sustainable and locally sourced food to make their amazing ice creams. All of their ice cream bases are made with three simple ingredients: milk, eggs and sugar. How much simpler can good food get? Of course they have many wonderful flavors and add-ins also, but they all still contain pure ingredients.

The process that McConnell’s uses to make their artisanal ice creams is interesting and pure. You can read all about it on their website www.mcconnells.com. You can read all about Ian Filippini Santa Barbara at http://ianfilippini.net/ and http://ianfilippini.org/.

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara Dines Out At Lucky’s

Ian Filippini Lucky's


Ian Filippini Santa Barbara lives and works in the Santa Barbara area, so he knows all of the great places there are to eat around town. One of the hot spots that he likes to frequent is Lucky’s in Montecito (https://www.luckys-steakhouse.com/).

Lucky’s is fancy meets comfortable. You will see people dressed to the nines in suites and gorgeous dresses and you will also see people in jeans and flip flops–it’s the Santa Barbara way! Ian Filippini Santa Barbara has dined at Lucky’s in his Sunday best, as well as in his best beach attire.

Lucky’s is known first and foremost for their amazing steaks, chops and seafood. They have an extensive menu packed with options and flavor. Along with the wonderful restaurant, there is a great bar in the front also where you may see a celebrity from time to time. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara loves that he can just saddle up to the bar, grab a drink and a burger if wants.

Lucky’s also has a great outdoor seating area that is great for people watching. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara likes taking clients and friends to Lucky’s to enjoy the outdoor ambiance. To learn more about Ian Filippini Santa Barbara, please visit https://www.trulia.com/profile/ian-filippini-agent-santa-barbara-ca-zg5v8vby/overview and http://ian1031.com/san-ysidro-ranch-a-santa-barbara-secret/.

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara Takes A Stroll Along Carpinteria’s Bluffs And Nature Preserve

Ian Filippini Bluffs

Carpinteria Bluffs and Nature Preserve

Carpinteria is a beautiful little town situated just south of Santa Barbara on California’s Central Coast. Carpinteria is home to many fun things to do and to see. Carpinteria Bluffs and Nature Preserve is a great way to get outside and enjoy the beauty and nature of Carpinteria. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara loves visiting the bluffs because it is often times so peaceful and a good place to relax and be one with your thoughts.

Carpinteria Bluffs and Nature Preserve is actually one of California’s most popular destinations, along with Carpinteria beaches. There are beautiful trails to follow, good options for getting a good suntan, tidepools that are swimming with life, as well as a fair amount of good fishing spots. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara has been spotted more than once hiking along the bluffs here in Carpinteria.

Citizens of Carpinteria have fought long and hard over the years, since the late 1960’s, to make sure that the Carpinteria Bluffs and Nature Preserve remain as they are. To learn more about this struggle, go to www.carpinteriabluffs.org. To learn more about Ian Filippini Santa Barbara, go to http://seniortaxplanners.com/ and http://filippiniwealthmanagementgroup.com/.

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara Explores Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Ian Filippini Botanic Garden

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Santa Barbara is known for many things including its beautiful scenery. Many people’s first thought when they think about Santa Barbara’s scenery is the ocean, but there is much more beauty to enjoy. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara loves the diverse plant life that Santa Barbara has to offer. A great place to truly see the extent of Santa Barbara’s plant life is the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden (www.sbbg.org).

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is located at 1212 Mission Canyon Road and is open daily from 9am-5pm. When Ian Filippini Santa Barbara first visited the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, he was surprised to find out that it consisted of 78 acres! There are over 5 miles worth of trails to explore here.

he trees, plants and flowers in the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden are rare and indigenous to the Santa Barbara area. The garden also boast beautiful views of the Channel Islands and has beautiful meadows and forest to meander through as well. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara loves to just wander and explore the natural beauty of the gardens.

To learn more about Ian Filippini Santa Barbara go to http://ianfilippini.net/ and http://ianfilippini.org/.

Farmer Boy Restaurant: One Of Ian Filippini Santa Barbara’s Favorite Places To Eat

Ian Filippini Farmer Boy

Farmer Boy Restaurant

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara is no stranger to good food when eating out. He has frequented many, many restaurants in the Santa Barbara area over the 18 years that he has lived here. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara enjoys both casual and sophisticated places to eat, and he can never pass up on a “greasy spoon.” That’s why Ian Filippini Santa Barbara loves to dine at Farmer Boy Restaurant (www.farmerboy.com).

Farmer Boy Restaurant has been a staple on upper State Street in Santa Barbara since 1958. Up until 2014, it was a true old fashioned diner from the huge plates of comfort food to the classic decor. In 2014, the owner of Farmer Boy Ralph Karleskint sold his beloved restaurant to the Bennett family who also own several other Santa Barbara area restaurants. The Bennett family reopened Farmer Boy in 2016 with an updated and expanded menu and more up to date decor. Ian Filippini could care less what the decorations look like, as long as the food is still good! And sure enough, Farmer Boy’s menu still has diner staples such as hamburgers, fried chicken and humongous cinnamon rolls.

Farmer Boy is open daily from 6:30-2:30, so be sure to get there before they close so you don’t miss out on some great food. The staff has always been and continues to be very friendly and accommodating to its guests.

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara still enjoys eating at Farmer Boy after all of these years. His favorite dish is the fried chicken biscuit sliders. To learn more about Ian Filippini Santa Barbara, go to http://ianfilippinisantabarbara.co/ and http://www.slideshare.net/ianfilippini/.

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara Shops At Sprouts

Ian Filippini Sprouts


Healthy eating and a having a healthy lifestyle are typical in a place like Santa Barbara. The atmosphere and culture naturally lend themselves to taking care of yourself, your body and your family. That is why people like Ian Filippini Santa Barbara appreciate that there are grocery options like Sprouts to shop at (www.sprouts.com).

Sprouts is a grocery chain that is new to Santa Barbara and people seem very excited that it is finally here. Spouts, as its name suggests, carries mostly healthy foods with many organic, vegan and gluten free options. Of course they also have a yummy bakery section with not so healthy options too, for when you want to indulge as Ian Filippini Santa Barbara does from time to time.

Sprouts is also known for having a whole section of protein powders and other meal replacement items. They also carry a wide variety of vitamins and many other supplements. They usually have someone on staff nearby to answer any questions you may have about any of these products.

Sprouts is located in Goleta at the corner of Fairview and Calle Real. It is in the building where Vons use to reside and many Santa Barbara area residents like Ian Filippini Santa Barbara are glad for the change. To learn more about Ian Filippini Santa Barbara, go to http://ian1031.com/ and http://ianfilippinisantabarbara.com/.