Ian Filippini Santa Barbara Cools Off At McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream

Ian Filippini McConnell's

McConnell’s Ice Cream

With summer coming up right around the corner, everyone including Ian Filippini Santa Barbara is going to need a way to cool off and get out of the summer sun. McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream is the place to go for just that! McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream is located right in the middle of downtown Santa Barbara. Its location is perfect especially for summer months when you may be out and about shopping or shuttling kids from here to there.

One of the reasons why Ian Filippini Santa Barbara loves McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream is because they use only the finest ingredients. They use organic, sustainable and locally sourced food to make their amazing ice creams. All of their ice cream bases are made with three simple ingredients: milk, eggs and sugar. How much simpler can good food get? Of course they have many wonderful flavors and add-ins also, but they all still contain pure ingredients.

The process that McConnell’s uses to make their artisanal ice creams is interesting and pure. You can read all about it on their website www.mcconnells.com. You can read all about Ian Filippini Santa Barbara at http://ianfilippini.net/ and http://ianfilippini.org/.